Public Engagement

Photo: Courtesy of Barbados and Friends Association (Reading)


Engagement and learning sessions, for professional institutions and community associations. We use our video archive to stimulate awareness and discussion about the participation of the Caribbean in the First World War and the sharing of personal stories and experiences since the First World War era.

Clients: The British Red Cross, London.  Barbados and Friends Association (Reading), in association with St Vincent and the Grenadines Association. The Pepper Pot Centre, Notting Hill / Kensington and Chelsea Libraries, London

Project: Public engagement and learning through film screening, talk and group Q&A sessions, followed by small group and 1 to 1 reminiscence.

Role: Engagement, audio-visual editing for presentation, public speaking, answering questions from audience about the historical content of films and the ways it relates to the audience. Followed by 1 to 1 and small group reminiscence sessions.