Welcome to Sweet Patootee Arts (a non-profit)

Click here for details of our video installation, TURNING POINT Р4 short drama stories from Barbados and Jamaica in 1920: starring Suzette Llewellyn, Paterson Joseph, Veronica  Beatrice Lewis, and Ashley D. Gayle.

Details of our new exhibition city in 2023, coming soon.

We’re over the moon that TURNING POINT’s audiences and stakeholders are loving the heritage folk songs and recorded music that we’ve brought together in its sound design. ‘Pride of place’ goes to our soundtrack’s two original interpretations of “The Barbados Slaves’ Work Song” (c 1780). The image below is the original musical notation of the “Barbados Slaves’ Work Song”. Click HERE to reveal the link to our short video about them:

TURNING POINT combines performance and storytelling, with archive, visual art, and a 3D soundscape. We are inviting collaborators from all over the UK to use its content as inspiration to create new work for public benefit.

Our Bristol-based Creative Partner, Dr Yvon Guest has created a digital exhibition,¬†“Colourism on the Couch”. Shown below is her image, “A Binary World”.¬†

To visit “Colourism on the Couch” click here

Huge thanks to the donors who enabled us to meet our Crowdfunder target: vital funds for production of TURNING POINT’s video installation; and partner-led learning, wellbeing, and dementia support activities – during TURNING POINT’s 3-year national (and international) touring exhibition [from November 2022].

A promo-pack is available for potential funders, co-commissioners and venue partners.