Mapping the Change

Dalston Stories for Hackney Museum

Gwyn Williams

WWII experience of hearing a V2 bomb dropping in Forest Road, Dalston, Hackney, East London.
Photo: Arnau Oriel

Amarjit Kochhar

explains why she loves living in Hackney.
Photo: Arnau Oriel

Newton Dunbar

talks about his time setting up and running the 4 Aces nightclub.
Photo: Arnau Oriel

Maxine Sorrell

remembers the Dalston of her childhood in the 1940's.
Photo: Tony T.

Monty Goldman

fighting Fascists with the 43 Group at Ridley Road.
Photo: Arnau Oriel

Yashar Ismailoglu
Photo: Arnau Oriel

tells about his involvement in two campaigns to improve working conditions in the local dressmaking factories and for home workers.
Photo: Arnau Oriel