TURNING POINT: Production complete (autumn 2022) – prep for public launch in Bristol…


It’s done! Production of TURNING POINT – our Black heritage video installation staring Suzette Llewellyn, Paterson Joseph, Veronica Beatrice Lewis, and Ashley D Gayle – is now complete (and available with English language subtitles). Please share this information with your family, friends, and networks.

A national programme of public engagement begins now, with the first of our gallery exhibitions – at Bristol Museum & Art Gallery, from November 12th to 5th March 2023.

Summary: (Inspired by our oral testimonies) Caribbean melodrama and comedy are used to tell 4 stories, spotlighting ‘freedom’ in Britain’s former slave colonies after the First World War. Ordinary Black men and women at the bottom of the colonial social ladder, are brought out of the shadows. All is evoked in 4 monologue-style performances combined with projection, and 3D sound.

Our national outreach reflects 6 target audiences, Schools (13-17); Young People (17-30); Elders; Dementia support; mainstream Arts & Heritage; general public.

In January we hope to appoint a Coordinator to manage partner & public engagement. For the meanwhile i am happy to hear from those who want to know more about the project; how they can make use of it; how they can get involved in our regional activities.


Click here to view TURNING POINT’s gallery poster