TURNING POINT: Production stories (summer 2022) – Mildmay Community Centre in Islington…


Today at visit to Mildmay Community Centre, members gave feedback, listening on headphones to our version of the historc Barbados Work Song (c. 1780) – to be used in TURNING POINT’s soundtrack.

Bearing in mind we’re only at the start of rehearsals, feedback was wonderfully positive… we got 2 ‘lovelies’, 1 ‘it’s good’, 1 ‘really good’, several nods and smiles, and 1 ‘it’s catchy…’

I liked hearing the ‘it’s catchy’, best – because it came from the only Bajan. But this was closely followed by ‘it’s lovely’.

“It’s lovely” really sweet me up, though. Because i was sitting at her table to try and bring her luck in the bingo as i promised – but my powers were off today.

Didn’t stop another table asking me to join them for bingo next week…

Thank you all, all over again …!

Tony & Rebecca xx