TURNING POINT Caribbean folk song update…


Work on TURNING POINT’s Phase 1 has many important threads. But this week, we’ve made big strides towards recording two of our own interpretations of the “Barbados Slaves’ Work Song” (c. 1780) – with professional singer Simone Ibbett-Brown, accompanied by volunteer singers (plus yours truly). It’s one of the bits of this project that’s closest to my heart!  

The “Barbados Slaves’ Work Song” has world heritage status. Here’s some info about it: https://www.gloucestershire.gov.uk/gloucestershire-county-council-news/news-november-2017/18th-century-slave-song-added-to-memory-of-the-world-register/ 

We have our dates. Simone’s being brilliant. And our volunteers are coming forward (special big up to Sophie for her amazing phone call to support us, this week)

Our 2 versions of the will feature in the TURNING POINT film soundtrack; it will be available as a free-to-download resource on our forthcoming project website; and… during our touring exhibition, the song will have pride of place in our Caribbean folk-singing workshops & public recitals, two of the public activities we’re programming in each city where TURNING POINT is shown – commencing in Bristol.

There’s more: the Caribbean folk-singing workshops & public recitals will provide a template for our partners’ and other stakeholders’ to adapt and implement for their own dementia support activities.  

Thank you – 2 times…!!

Tony xx