Rehearsals of historic “Barbados Slaves’ Work Song” (c. 1780)…


TURNING POINT Production stories (summer 2022)… 

Simone Ibbett-Brown (top right corner) – our singing workshop leader – is doing a brilliant job with our awesome volunteers plus yours truly; helping us to create our 2 versions of the historic “Barbados Slaves’ Work Song:” for TURNING POINT’s sound design. 

We had fun in our latest rehearsal yesterday – but everyone is so passionate about this song workshop!

E.g., 1 – Andrew (bottom right) who took part with his wonderful tenor voice, sitting in his car – this included the occasional wave to pedestrians (no lie) the man is hard core

E.g., 2 – James who was still walking home when we were due to start, and tried to take part anyway – but was forced to give up when his connection kept dropping out (awesome commitment James – thank you all over again).