The First Black Britons – DVD available on Amazon

© Sweet Patootee Ltd – 2005

A lot of enquiries recently about our 2005 production “THE FIRST BLACK BRITONS” – yes it’s available on Amazon. Click here to go to the film’s page on this website:

We tell the challenging Black history of the West India Regiment 1795 to 1927 – a  (regular) British Army regiment created by the purchase of slaves. (Consultants during research and writing were Prof. Roger Norman Buckley (author, “Slaves in Redcoats”) and Julian Putkowski).

FIRST BLACK BRITONS is chapter 1 of our “War and Freedom” trilogy. What’s special to us about this film isn’t the military angle. It’s the way experiences, resilience and defiance of anonymous Black men, women and children enslaved in British slave colonies is brought a little more into focus in spaces between the wealth of historical sources – including testimonies of Britain’s slave soldiers.

The film is for 14 year olds and over – and designed to support schools teaching.