Official Trailer – “TURNING POINT” (R&D) – Full edit


With completion of our R&D we are proud to launch #3 of 3 Official Trailers for our latest work in progress “Turning Point” – supported by Arts Council England.

Click here to view Official Trailer – “TURNING POINT” – Full edit

Experimenting with period drama inspired by real stories from the British Caribbean, we now focus on the Black experience in the Americas after WW1. Our aim is compelling entertaining storytelling, and we really hope you like the results. But this is research and development after all – so please feel free let us know what you think of our progress so far.

A last word to praise all who have enabled us to reach this milestone: the women and veterans who told us their life-stories; our fantastic performers, creative team and consultants; inspirational workshop participants; and now all of you international viewers so generously sending us feedback, as we learn the lessons of this R&D stage. 

We haven’t come this far, to stand and admire our handiwork. Next comes the work of fundraising and preparation to get Turning Point’s main project up and running. But today we can afford a small breather to let all concerned, know how much you’re appreciated. Thank you – wonderfully well done!