Turning Point: Sweet Patootee Arts’ R&D project Supported by Arts Council England


Update – 30thJan. 2019

Small cheer, huge congratulations and many thanks. We can proudly announce the successful completion of principle photography for Turning Point’s r&d – our dramatic performances featuring two remarkable talents Veronica Beatrice Lewis, and, Ashley Gayle. 

“Being a Black woman in a rehearsal space can be a hard, competitive and silencing place to be in. Between yourself, Rebecca and the entire production, I have been able to trust myself more and become more confident in my craft! …”Veronica Beatrice Lewis

“I thoroughly enjoyed working through this with yourself and Rebecca; I sad it to your before, but each day just felt like I was doing an amazing workshop with you both! …”  Ashley Gayle

This is only a stage in our journey – we have a long way to go – but huge thanks for the support, belief and trust that’s enabled us to reach this important milestone …