MUTINY RESOURCE NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON PRIME: Black British West Indies WW1 veterans tell their story


With a 2019’s February Black History Month now upon us, it’s my pleasure to let you know that our Mutiny documentary resource is also now available on Amazon Prime.  

Unique on-camera first hand testimonies of Black-British veterans, official documents and a wealth of archive photos tell an epic story of WW1 and the Black struggle for pride and freedom.  

To watch Mutiny on Amazon Prime, please go to:

To watch Mutiny on Vimeo.Com, please go to:

It has always been our hope that audiences would see beyond Mutiny’s war story; discovering sources to inspire thinking skills, research and work around challenges for Britain, Europe and the wider world after 1901 – and after the Second World War. Thanks so much – learners and educators especially – for your interest and encouragement!